‘Inside Surface’ A project by Johanna Von Monkiewitsch and Hila Laviv at Jagla Ausstellungsraum

‘Inside Surface’ is the outcome of a collaborative project between Cologne-based artist Johanna Von Monkiewitsch and Israeli artist Hila Laviv. The pair first came together last year in Tel Aviv where they worked on a joint exhibition for ‘Fresh Paint 7’ art fair. It was this shared creative experience that led them to produce ‘Inside Surface’ a show now on at Jagla Ausstellungsraum, Köln (January 17 – February 27, 2015.)

Whilst both artists describe themselves as sculptors it is their mutual interest in working with ‘non-materials’ that forms the crux of the exhibition. ‘Inside Surface’ focuses on how gently altering the interplay between space, light and surface can transform our perception of everyday objects.

For Laviv’s ‘My Rainy Day Book’  she has reconstructed a children’s handbook written by her grandmother from cut-outs. Not only does this process change the book’s visual format from 2D to 3D, but by folding pages and cutting-out scenes she alters the object’s very narrative.


Von Monkiewitsch further plays with form and perception in her prints. She has precisely folded and framed the works to give them the appearance of open books. The strongly coloured prints replicate a books’ exposed pages and it is only on closer inspection that the viewer can discern otherwise.

Through their subtle alterations of ‘non-materials’ Laviv and Von Monkiewitsch lead us to reconsider our relationship to everyday matter. ‘Inside Surface’ not only focuses our perception but it causes us to question the power of the mundane.



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