Myr. ‘Nobody knows Avalon’ Release on PNN Records

Here is my preview  of Myr.s debut EP also featured on KOMPAKT.FM.
Following the digital premiere of the track ‘Nobody knows’ at the beginning of September, Myr. is an artist who remains shrouded in mystery. His debut EP ‘Nobody knows Avalon’ is set to be released through recognised Cologne label PNN on January 19th, yet as the title suggests, still very little is known about the man behind the music.

myr.’s wish to withhold information is made obvious through the choice of track names on the EP: ‘Nobody Knows’, ‘Avalon’ and ‘Homii’ are all titles clearly designed to provoke the listener’s curiosity, whilst upholding a sense of the enigmatic.

Although some might argue that such conscious obscurity is little more than a publicity stunt, surely at a time when the cult of DJ and celebrity are often intertwined there is something refreshing about myr.s decision to step-back. You only have to look at the homemade, monochrome videoclip that accompanies ‘Nobody knows’ to realise that myr. is about as removed from the glitz of DJ culture as it is possible to be.

It is this determined distancing from the norm that comes through is his music. The minimal sound is carried through by an underlying warmth, a grittiness that sets it apart from the often near-perfect production of popular techno. The first two tracks ‘Nobody knows’ and ‘Avalon’ create a sense of anticipation, with minimal, ambient beats that build; the listener is left with itchy-feet and a hankering for more. In the final track on the EP ‘Homii’ there is a change in tempo; the monotone beats make way for some slowed-down, trippy vocals that open the listener up to myr.’s versatility as an artist.

‘Nobody knows Avalon’ is an EP that represents a return to something raw and removed from popular music. As for the mystery surrounding myr.? Well if you can’t put a face to a sound then the only option is to listen.

Purchase ‘Nobody Knows Avalon’:
Watch video for ‘Nobody knows’:

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