Chris Hipkiss: ‘For Us My Cuts’ at Galerie Susanne Zander

‘Chris Hipkiss’ is the pseudonym of British creative duo Alpha and Chris Mason. Married since 1986 the two have been collaborating from the moment that they first met at the age of 18. Chris is a self-taught draftsman who claims that ‘4B pencils are the only thing to use’ and Alpha is a writer whose words and ideas form an integral part of her husband’s artistic execution.

The intensely detailed pencil drawings that the couple produce humorously deal with a range of universal and political themes: as self-proclaimed ‘feminists’ gender is often addressed in their work.


‘For Us My Cuts’, on show at Galerie Susanne Zander until 21. November,  is a series of drawings that depict a warped symbiosis of industrial and rural landscapes, strewn with strange insects, machinery and naked human forms. Whilst to speak of, such subjects seem oblique, there is an undeniable intimacy to the drawings, one that pushes the viewer to crack a smile; it is as if we are allowed in on their own private joke.

The personal warmth of Hipkiss’s work is what makes it so intriguing. ‘For Us My Cuts’ is an outlandish mishmash of words and images that confront global issues whilst offering a refreshing glance into the creative world of this extraordinary couple.



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