Egyptian Lover at Roxy Club

Egyptian Lover at Roxy Club

On Friday night hip-hop legend and dance music pioneer Egyptian Lover played at Roxy Club in celebration of the venue’s 31st birthday.

Having first come to fame in the 80’s with tracks like ‘Egypt Egypt’ making their mark on the Miami and New York electro scenes, Egyptian Lover’s sound remains fresh to this day.

Whilst Roxy Club normally attracts a similar breed of techno/house fans, on Friday the  place was packed with a mix of hip-hop heads, break-dancers and what can only be described as middle-aged IT-geeks. The diversity of the crowd can be taken as a testament to the wide and surviving appeal of Egyptian Lover’s sound.

In true old-school style, he had the whole mixed-bunch of us fist-pumping and chanting along to him within seconds. The allure of Egyptian Lover has as much to do with his unbridled enthusiasm as a performer as it does his infectious beats. He lacks the uptight attitude that we have nowadays come to expect from hip-hop artists. From dancing ‘like an Egyptian’ behind the decks to mingling with the crowd, his down-to-earth demeanour makes him impossible not to like. Eat your heart out Kanye because Egyptian Lover is here to stay.


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